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The perfect gift for your favorite traveler

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You know it's the perfect gift when you wish you were buying it for yourself! The Joey Jacket jumps right out at you because it's tailor-made for so many different types of people. The Joey Jacket is as stylish as it is functional and has the versatility of money, itself! Loaded with lots of pockets, including 2 hidden pockets, adjustable compartments, an earbud routing system, a travel-nap eyemask, transformable to adapt to all seasons, climates, and sudden weather changes with removable sleeves and hood, wearing the Joey is like wearing your favorite pocketbook/purse/messenger bag pick-a-word.

Quality craftsmanship with attention to the finest detail, Joeys are the perfect gift for every parent, camper, pocket-lover, etc. Now that the Joey has jumped onto your gift-giving list, why not treat yourself to the same comfort and style, too! The joey has made it onto several holiday season gift lists, here is one for example at rebatezone.


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