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  • For The Traveler

    Travel with everything important at your fingertips.
    See how this jacket helps you carry more
    when you’re away from home.

  • For The Parent

    Ditch the diaper bag or your overflowing purse for good
    perfect for parents who need to make quick trips

  • For The Gadget Lover

    Every day carry for the gadgets you can’t live without.
    See how this jacket has plenty of room for your inner geek

How our Travel Jacket is Different

You Can Wash it at Home

Truly made for travel AND every day wear - our jackets are machine washable!

You Can Dry it at Home

Many Travel Jackets have plastic pockets or elements that can’t take the heat – ours is different…

It is Water Resistant

You want to stay dry in wet weather yet you also need a soft breathable jacket, we have got you covered!

All Our Pockets Fully Enclose

This is a big deal. Open top pockets are just a disaster waiting to dump your stuff all over.

Cover More Temperature Ranges

Our Joey Jacket is ready for 3 temperature ranges with one jacket thanks to our custom zip-in fleece liner.

Better Materials

While some put their dollars into cheap materials and over the top advertising. We invest it in quality materials that will last.

Security, Comfort & Style With Our Perfectly Placed Pockets

You will love this jacket...

Traveling across town or across the ocean

You know that when traveling, you need to carry several things on you at all times. Or some of us like to carry a lot every day when we are not traveling. The vast majority of regular jackets are not suited for this particular task. The Global Travel Clothing Company has built a no nonsense travel jacket. One that has no frills or gimmicks that might sound good on paper but actually hinder its real world usefulness.

This jacket will serve you well as an everyday carry or a long-term foreign travel. It has been made from a medium-weight, water-resistant nylon that breathes. This is one of those Travel Jackets that does not require special washing and drying conditions. Carry More and Worry Less.

The Joey Has All The Features You Need

And None of the Gimmicks You Don't

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