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About Us - Who makes these travel jackets

We are avid travelers, parents and gadget people ourselves. If you have traveled ten miles or over a thousand miles you know big pockets are king. We make life and especially traveling easier with lots of pockets to store everything you need for everyday carry and those epic once a lifetime trips.

The fantastic thing about our travel jacket is that we have designed it to be used everyday just like any of your other clothes. And unlike many of our competitors you can wear it and wash and dry it at home.

This jacket does not have any of those tiny open top pockets that only serve to make a mess in real life. Our Travel Jacket is not only for the jet-set it is for real world use in all modes of transportation and trip lengths.

You Love To Travel – Or carry a lot of stuff

When you are a fish out of water you desire more comfort and security. When we travel to foreign lands, even if that land is in your own country then you want to have a few things with you at all times. Here is a short list of  things you should always have on you, in a pocket and not in your hand luggage: your passport, cell phone, boarding pass, credit card and a bit of cash, phone charger, snacks, universal adapter, water, medicines and tissues. If someone takes your carry on luggage by mistake or if your regular luggage goes missing, having those with you makes your life much easier. We have a Travel Jacket just built for that purpose.

Why We Made This Travel Jacket

Traveling all over Asia for several years led me to realize I needed specialized clothing. At the time there was only one Travel Jacket on the market. I tried it. It did not live up to my real world needs. The shortcomings were so obvious I could only determine the designer did not do any real traveling. After I met my wife we have a family member who helped us design this travel jacket concept that is good for both short term and long term traveling. Its not only good for airplanes, but for Trains and automobiles as well. Plus it will help you be prepared for all the moments in between. If you want to read more about our personal story then click here.

Praise From Top Travel Bloggers

We are a small family business. We work very hard to turn our passion for real world travel needs into a business. Our passion and dedication has been proven by many people who live the travel lifestyle. Some of our best accolades have come from some of the world’s top travel bloggers. If you look at our own blog and social media you will see we have an active audience.

Be Part Of Our Small Travel Family

Please take a look at our Travel Jackets. If you are a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip this travel jacket has been trusted by many to serve real world travel needs. Our jacket is different than many that are out there. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us. You can also stay in touch via social media and our email list. We run promotions but never spam. We hate spam too. We send out maybe two emails per month so don’t worry no spam from us.

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