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When it comes to traveling, preparing for a big journey can be daunting. One of the best ways you can prepare for a long trip is to be well prepared. A dedicated travel jacket is a great way to always have easy access to the right type of clothing for your flight and destination. Plus, hidden pockets help you feel safe. It's always preferable to carry your important papers on your person, not in your luggage.

Another bonus your travel jacket provides is that it can help when your luggage is unexpectedly overweight; simply transfer an item or two from your luggage to your large pockets and save those overweight baggage fees. When you are on a long flight and need some sleep, blocking out light is handily achieved via our built in eye mask. Just unbutton and slide down to enjoy complete darkness.

A great travel jacket will help you reduce the stress associated with a long trip. You will be able to keep your important and comfort items with you at all times. No more getting up and climbing into the overhead bin every 30 minutes to find that something you need. One of our favorite things we always pack is Queasy Pops from Three Lollies. These safe, essential oil based lollipops really help reduce the nausea associated with flying.


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