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Hidden Pockets for Traveling

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Feel safe and secure on the town or in another country with Hidden Pockets.

This travel jacket has hidden pockets for traveling inside the two chest pockets. It will hold your wallet, loose bills, or passport safe and secure. It closes with Velcro and is inside a pocket that zips up. This is for those times when you are out of the country and you want to keep your passport and wallet very close to you and not worry about it falling out or if you set your jacket on the back of a chair you do not have to worry so much about quick hands making off with certain items. Plus now you have a substitute for that uncomfortable money belt. Here are some more tips on how the Jacket can help you have a safe and comfortable trip. We also offer an RFID Security Sleeve that fits inside this pocket. Your Passport and many credit cards have an RFID chip on them that broadcast its data. Some scammers just need to stand near you to collect data. This sleeve blocks that signal reducing its strength from several feet to just a few inches. This removable soft sleeve solves two issues. The first being it can be removed for washing of the jacket and second it does not create an uncomfortable ridged area in your jacket. Hidden Pocket DetailThis hidden pocket also comes in handy for everyday commutes as well. There are times when you want to be sure something small and valuable does not get lost. This pocket holds things double secure. Then there are those times when you venture out for a night out on the town and you worry about your wallet being taken out of your back pocket or fear of having your purse snatched from your hands. These hidden pockets are great for holding cash or credit cards. These are the type of pockets you will not find in a off the shelf jacket. Order one now for your next trip!


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