An affordable jacket with lots of big useful pockets. This jacket helps travelers, parents of small kids, or gadget people carry more and worry less.


When you travel, there are certain things that you always take with you, the necessary gear; your passport, money, bank cards and, of course, luggage. Now there is one more essential piece that you can add to that list, your Travel Jacket. Everyone needs one, but, the cool thing is that it is great for so much more than just travel.

This Jacket was born out of necessity. As a photographer, I have visited almost every continent on this wonderful planet. There is always a need for things that you readily need access to. This Jacket has several functional pockets that are perfect for those long flights, Bus or Train rides.

So Convenient.

Its perfect for when your carry on bag is small and in the overhead compartment, or not with you at all. This jacket will save you from having to get up and find your bags to get to the things you need during the trip, especially, if you are traveling with small children. There is so much room to stash stuff inside that it is like an extra carry-on bag.

Photographers, moms, people who require special food or medical items close at hand or anyone who likes to have easy access to their stuff can benefit from this unique jacket. Moms love it for keeping track of all the various things they need to keep close when they are out of the house. This Jacket has hundreds of everyday uses.

No More Headaches.

I have tried several other Travel Jackets already on the market. They always sound fantastic but they leave you disappointed because many of the pockets are too small to put anything larger than one finger in. The other let-down is that their pockets do not seal at the top, so when you turn the jacket upside down everything comes falling out.

I became frustrated with what was out there and I happened to have a Tailor in my extended family and decided to design a new Travel Jacket. When my friends saw the Jacket, they encouraged me to share it.

This essential piece of gear has only large functional pockets and costs half the price of other hidden pocket jackets. When you are traveling in a strange country the last thing you want to do is stand out and look like a tourist. This light coat is simple, classic and unassuming, perfect for blending in and keeping yourself safe while traveling.