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Joey Travel Jacket Pocket Diagram

Joey Jacket Pocket Design:

1. Zippered Chest Pockets (2): The vertical zipper opens downward for easy access with one hand. These spacious and secure pockets are perfect for medium-sized items you need handy.

2. Arm Pockets (2): This zippered pocket sits on the outer sleeve of the jacket and is perfect for smaller items like pens, chapstick or hand sanitizer.

3. Velcro Hidden Pockets (2): Located inside each zippered chest pocket, these two compartments are away from the opening. Sized perfectly for your wallet or passport, these hidden pockets keep your money and papers safe.

4. Vertical Partition (2): This vertical Velcro partition allows you to separate the large pockets into two smaller pockets. Perfect for keeping things secure and organized.

5. Elastic Bottle Strap (2): Located inside the large pockets furthest from the zipper are two elastic bands. These are perfect for holding your favorite regular sized beverage.

6. Large Pockets (2): Every jacket has two very large, top-loading zippered pockets. Large enough for a full sized Apple iPad® or your favorite book! (Note: Size S jackets comfortably hold a smaller tablet.) Use the built-in vertical partition to securely carry smaller items.

7. Exterior Pockets (2): Two zippable exterior hand pockets.

8. Metro Pockets (2): Two small lower arm pockets perfect for holding your public transportation cards. If they are RFID then you do not have to remove them to scan as you board.

9. Zip Off Sleeves (2): The sleeves come off when you change to warmer climates. 

Unlike other jackets that have open-top pockets and easy-to-open fasteners, our jackets feature perfectly placed, zippered pockets. Also ours is the only full featured travel jacket that does not require special washing and drying considerations.

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