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Chicago Hero Jacket







Shipping August 1st
How our Jacket is Different

iPad/Book Pockets (2) Water Bottle Strap Hidden Pockets (4)
Sunglasses Loops (2) Built in Eye Mask
Laptop Pocket
Built in Eye Mask Cuff with Thumb Hole Water Resistant
Waist Adjuster
Better Materials
Wash & Dry it at Home

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Product Description

You know that when traveling you need to carry several things on you at all times. Or some of us like to every day when we are not traveling. The vast majority of regular jackets are not suited for this particular task.

We have built a no nonsense travel jacket. One that has no frills or gimmicks that sound good on paper but actually hinder its real world usefulness.

The benefits are practically unending as there are so many features with our jackets. This jacket will serve you well for every day carry or long term foreign travel.

The Chicago Hero is our latest Design. It has several new features. It has a new specialized cell phone pockets, and a rear outside laptop pocket.

This jacket is made from a medium-weight, polyester that is machine washable (pockets are also made from water-resistant polyester). Ours is the only full featured travel jacket that does not require special washing and drying conditions.


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