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From our fellow Kickstarter friends: On May 10, we departed on an adventure that we will never forget. Our plan was to hitchhike all the way across Canada, from coast to coast, and film a documentary showing people how to travel on a budget but what we ended up learning was entirely different. We discovered what it truly means to travel. By hitchhiking and putting our lives in the hands of strangers, we took a huge risk and at first we were pretty skeptical but we learned that’s what traveling is all about. It’s about taking risks, putting yourself out of your comfort zone and completely diving into whatever your doing. We met some of the most amazing and friendliest people we had ever seen and had some experiences that without a doubt, were some of the best of our lives. Travel Jacket It’s not about seeing all the main attractions, going to as many places as you can or even doing as many things as you can. It’s more about taking your time to really experience the people, the culture, the history and learning everything possible about not even the place, but yourself. After hitchhiking over 6,000 kilometers and receiving over 30 rides from the widest range of people, we can confidently say there is more to travel than you could possibly imagine. We want to thank the team over at global travel clothing for the wonderful Travel Jacket. Check out our Facebook page,, to see our feature-length documentary that will be released around Mid-August! Until then, get out there and explore!


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