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Why Every Parent Should Have a Multi-Pocket Jacket

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As a parent it can feel like you spend most of your time on the road shuttling children back and forth between school, ballet, soccer, gymnastics, or karate. In the meantime you have work, bills, and the household to take care of. All of that running around means a lot of stuff to keep up with, and a lot of things to carry around with you. Believe it or not, there is a way to make it simple to carry everything you need with you while remaining hands free. It’s called a travel jacket. I know what you’re thinking … a travel jacket is for people who travel a lot, not everyday parents. There’s where you are wrong, travel jackets are ideal for parents in that they help make family outings and everyday errand running a breeze. Manufactured by Global Travel Clothing, a travel jacket goes far beyond your average retail jacket. This jacket features oodles of pockets, allowing you to carry everything from your wallet to a baby bottle easily and conveniently. It even has a pocket for your tablet. Picture this: you arrive at little Susie’s gymnastics center only to realize that tuition is due today. Normally you would pat your pockets or dig through your purse looking for your checkbook, wadingbabyindiapers through a mountain of receipts and old gum wrappers, and would have worked yourself into a frenzy by the time you finally found it, only to realize you can’t find a pen. How would this scenario go down if you are wearing a travel jacket when you arrive at the gymnastics center? You would simply reach into your inside chest pocket and remove your checkbook and then slide your pen out of the accompanying pen holder (yes, I said pen holder). And that, my friends, is why every parent should have a travel jacket. While there are several jackets geared towards travelers on the market, seems to have the best quality at the most affordable price. They have several different styles to choose from and are very stylish. Trust me, once you own a travel jacket you will never go back to regular two pocketed jackets again!


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