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It’s time to retire your money belt and invest in your travels and yourself.

Before my backpacking trip through Europe, I worked countless hours trying to save enough money to afford the adventure. Money was spent on supplies, shoes and the perfect backpack for the trek. I had just gotten a shiny new passport and a shiny new debit card to access my money on the road and a money belt to protect it all. Throughout my adventure around Europe, I tried to keep travel security in the back of my mind, keep faith in the money belt and enjoy the trip. However, it was hard to maintain a sense of travel security when I met traveler after traveler who had just been ripped off, robbed or pick pocketed. With all of my hard work and preparation for the trip, I found myself continuously worried that one day someone would simply just take it all away from me, putting my travels to a halt. The unfortunate occurrences that afflicted the travelers I met helped me realize the importance of good travel security while on the road. A lack of security for your items while traveling could make or break your trip. OK, sure, many of your belongings are just “things” but some of those things could put a tragic end to your travels if lost or stolen. Get separated from your passport and you may find yourself stuck in a foreign country or pleading with an embassy. Lose your money or access to your funds and you may be stuck in a way that leaves you asking strangers for enough coins to call the folks back home. The purpose of your trip was no doubt to be enjoyable and these common occurrences can make it feel quite the opposite. Sometimes, just the worry over your belongings can be as big of a burden to your trip as losing them. You won’t be able to enjoy gazing at the Eifel Tower or wandering around Venice when you are feeling paranoid that someone is going to reach into your purse for your credit cards or break into your hostel locker for your passport. pickpocketTravel security methods exist but most of them have some major flaws and holes. Although usually necessary for travelers needing places to put their necessities, backpacks and purses are easily sliced open and can be hard to properly look after on public transportation. Money belts, typically worn under clothing are better options for safety but can be extremely inconvenient. Especially for women wearing one piece dresses, the money belt can be impossible to access. Even under a regular shirt, it often gets sweaty and itchy against your body and it can be a hassle to reach under your clothes every time you want to buy a snack. Luckily, there are more options becoming available to travelers looking to keep their belongings safe and their worries to a minimum. From the minds of others travelers who are familiar with the struggle, better and more effective items are hitting the travel market. Thus the birth of the travel jacket from Global Travel Clothing company. The jackets have 8 large pockets that can replace the need for a backpack or purse as many are designed to hold books and even a water bottle. It features hidden pockets to store money and passports that are mostly located in hard to reach areas. Security is taken to the next level as it features an optional RFID sleeve that prevents digital ID theft from credit cards and cell phones. Unlike the itchy money belt, this jacket is made from cotton and polyester, has good ventilation and can be easily adjusted to fit your body. If you want your travels to be just as enjoyable as you planned and you want to forget about your security worries, consider upgrading your security methods.


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