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No More Bags at the Movies?

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In the wake of recent movie theater shootings, Regal Cinemas has announced a new plan to check the bags of every guest before they enter the theaters. Now they're checking every bag and backpack at that place where they take your ticket. While it is steeped in controversy of its own, moviegoers must rethink how they will transport anything into the movie theater, from cellphones, wallets, gum, mints, and anything else that they may have normally put in their purse. Showcase Cinemas, a chain of theaters in the Northeast, said it now prohibits all backpacks and packages. When I go to the movies, as I frequently do. I like to pack a lot. I mean, it’s so easy to spend a ton of money at just the concession stands at movies. You could almost need to take out a 2nd mortgage to satisfy my snacking needs. Plus with the cost of a movie ticket always going up, my wallet needs a break. So here is a solution I found. This jacket with so many pockets I great for filling it up with everything you need for a good time at the movies without needing to pack in your purse or backpack. So don’t worry about trying to fit everything in your extra bag, this gadget jacket has enough storage for everything you need, without giant bulging pockets. Now that all bags will be checked before entering a Regal movie theater, which I understand is for my safety, I don’t see how I will be able to pack my usual ensemble of goods. I can inhale a pack of twizzlers like no tomorrow. My fear now is other Movie theater companies will also follow suit. AMC and Cinemark might as well. With this miraculous design, I am able to pack everything I need, from my wallet, keys, phone, water, and more. Not only can I carry my snacks but keep my money and keys safe as well. It saves me a truck load of money each trip to the movies, and I don’t have to worry about anything I take in being confiscated, or needing to spend a small fortune at the concession stands. The beauty of it is that is great anywhere that you may want to go, this jacket is perfect for so many situations. Flying across country but don’t want extra luggage? Put your phone, wallet, iPad and more in your jacket. Electronics junky? No problem. The Travel Jacket can easily fit all the gadgets you may require. Parents who have young children can put snacks, water bottles, baby bottles, binkies, and even diapers into the miraculous Travel Jacket. Thank you for such wonderful solution.


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