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I am not a minimalist.

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Upon confirming my first trip abroad, my initial thought was, "KOALAS!!!", followed immediately by, " do I...with all my STUFF??"

I am not a minimalist.

I need my stuff, and I need it close to me. I drive with my purse on my lap. I need to know my license, my debit card, my gum, my umbrella, my folding fan, my two different colors of Sharpies, my cooling eyedrops, my tissues, and my medication are RIGHT THERE.

And for international travel?


Well. I was going to need a lot more than that. Passport, boarding passes, itinerary, ginger tablets, ginger capsules, ginger candy, antibacterial in every purchasable form, sunscreen, the largest legal concentration of DEET, ear plugs, nose spray, sunglasses (plural), and snacks.

So many snacks.

"KOALAS!!!" quickly became secondary to another animal; specifically, Scar, tearing up and down the aisles of CVS, maniacally trying to BE PREPAAARED!

A tote the size of my torso would have fit the bill, but I wasn't about to schlep a semi-containted jumble of stuff around 7 airports and 3 territories on another continent.

What to do?

What I couldn't do was bring myself to purchase Google's first proposed solution, the SCOTTe jacket. Great idea, but aesthetically it not only screamed "TOURIST," but it also whispered, "I'd like to speak to the manager."

Enter Global Travel Clothing and their blessed union of style and function, joined together in a garment miracle that is the Joey travel jacket with a lot of pockets.  

Scar could have a place for everything, and everything in its place. Hakuna matata!


(Doubly appropriate, as "No worries!" is pretty much the essence of Australia.)

But the pockets? The pockets inside of the pockets? The perfect little niches to carry all of your things that solved my stuff schlepping problem?

Not even the best part.

I thought the other features, like the built in eye-mask, zip-off sleeves and thumb-holed cuffs were pretty ingenious but I didn't realize they were completely invaluable until I was jet-lagged through multiple climates.

The Joey was the best possible investment I could have made for my Australian adventure, and not just because I get a kick out of the coincidental names.

I like fashion, I like function, and I like my stuff. The Joey travel jacket has 'em all, with room to spare. - @bigsmartmouth   travel jacket


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