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How to Achieve Work Life Balance for Moms

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There will come a time in your and your partner’s life that you will want to have children. While the challenges and hurdles that surround raising a kid might seem troublesome to most, the rewards at the end are often much sweeter. Yes, bringing up a child to become a good, responsible, and competent person can be hard, and many people will agree, taking on the role of a mother is a lot more troubling than being a father.

Fathers are generally responsible for bringing funds into the household, but in this modern day and age, mothers are called to do the same – all while caring for their children and maintaining an entire household. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to hire household help to assist with duties and chores, which is why mothers find themselves in the sticky situation of having to work and attend to their kids and home at the same time.

Are you a mother struggling to find the right work-life balance? These helpful tips might just be what you need.

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Moms

    1. Stick to Your Schedule – Wake up on time, go to work, go home, rest, repeat. While it might seem a little monotonous, sticking religiously to your routine will greatly benefit your work-life balance. Just as you wouldn’t want to spend too much time with your kids that you end up leaving a bad taste in your boss’s mouth, you shouldn’t spend too much time at work leaving you no more to spare for your family. If it’s time to go to work, make sure you get going as soon as possible. If it’s time to call it a day, see to it that you’re on the road back home. Stick to your schedule and don’t use up time for one facet at the expense of the other.

    1. Don’t Sacrifice Important Dates – Let’s say you have an important business meeting that overlaps with your driver duties for your kids. Weigh the importance of each task and sacrifice the lesser evil. In the example illustrated previously, you would probably be better off attending the meeting as this could affect your work. Ask your partner if they would be willing to drive your kids where they need to be or find someone you trust, like a neighbor, a relative, or a close friend, who can take on the task for you. Alternatively, if your kids have a soccer game and you’re invited to a farewell party for your boss, you’d probably be better off attending the game for your kids.

    1. Set Aside Time for Yourself – Many working mothers find themselves worn out, stressed, and tired from all the stuff they need to accomplish in a single day. While you might think there isn’t any time left to spare, there actually is. Find a fraction of your day that you can dedicate to yourself. Use it to meditate, to pray, or to refresh and reboot your system. Maybe it’s those few moments you get to spend alone in the shower, maybe it’s the drive to work, or maybe it’s that quiet cup of coffee at the start of a new day. Whatever it might be, use that alone time to your advantage and try your best to prepare yourself for whatever the day might bring. You can also opt to set aside one day of the weekend to get yourself pampered with a spa date or a well-deserved massage.

  1. Get Organized – Mothers who aren’t organized are more likely to feel pressure and stress from all the things they have to do. The more organized you are, the less likely you are to feel anxious, nervous, or stressed out. An organized mom is able to maximize her time by omitting the need to go over all the little details of the tasks she needs to do. How exactly can you become more organized? Easy. Set alarms, use a journal, mark down your calendar, list down reminders on your smartphone or laptop, and prepare things before hand. A great way to stay prepared is by using a travel jacket. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually traveling out of town or not – all those hidden pockets and smart compartments make it easy to keep everything you need all in one place. What’s more, having a travel jacket will allow you to eliminate the need to sling a heavy handbag over your shoulder all of the time.

Don’t let the responsibilities and doubt get you down. There are ways you can achieve better balance between your work and your home life – all you need to do is put these smart tactics into action. Say goodbye to that feeling of having no time and say hello to a better work-life balance by taking these trusty tips with you.


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