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Essential Items for Women Travellers

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Women are travelling more and more, and especially independently. It helps to have essential items in your bag when travelling so you can be prepared for most eventualities. Here are a few essential items for female travellers to have.

travel jacket sweatshirt A head torch

Vital for reading in bed or for using a camp loo at night, a head torch is a useful item to pack when travelling. These are invaluable when you need your hands for other things in the dark. I have found a head flashlight to be vital in remote areas where electricity is run at specific times of the day.  

Travel jacket

Travel jackets can be dressed up for an evening out or used for sightseeing during the day. Their hidden pockets are perfect for keeping valuables secure. You’ll find that these jackets come with lots of pockets which are perfect for storing small items like pens and phones so you have them to hand when you need them. I love them for keeping my notebook and camera filters to hand for when I need them quickly.  

A Notebook and pen

Writing pieces of information down about something will help you remember that anecdote about a famous place later. Notebooks are useful for capturing a description of a scene and for noting where a photo was taken. I find a good notebook essential especially when coming across things not in the guidebook.  

Ear Plugs

It is surprising how noisy some cities and hotels are and if you want a good night’s sleep then pack s pair of ear plugs. I found eye pads helpful for those moments I found myself sleeping opposite neon lighting. With those small pieces of gear you’ll catch up on much needed rest in no time.  

Travel size bath time kits

When travelling every kilo counts if you want to get around with a light bag. Take travel size bottles of your favourite beauty creams and shower gels to save space. In just a few days you’ll never use a full size bottle so save on the weight and pack smaller. I forgot my shampoo once so always get little travel bottles and stock them up with my favourite treats.  

Scissors and knife

Look out for folding scissors that pack safely. These are invaluable when travelling for mending and first aid along with a small sewing and first aid kit. You’ll find lots of uses for a good Swiss Army knife too from cutting cheese for a picnic to celebrating with the hidden corkscrew. I always take one with a corkscrew for sampling the local wines. By building up a set of small travel gadgets and clothing like a travel jacket you’ll be equipped for many of your journeys. Do remember to pack knives and sharp items in the hold luggage to avoid them being confiscated at security checks. With careful packing you’ll find you can fit lots of useful essential items into your case and have space for some interesting souvenirs to bring back home.


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