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Carry-on Essentials by travel expert Dayvee Sutton

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Are you an avid traveler? Or you are at the start of all the exciting adventures? If you are looking for some traveling tips, we have some for you here! The important items to carry on for your trip! In the video below, CNN-featured travel expert Dayvee Sutton is introducing all the items that help to travel lighter, smarter and better. The items that she carries with her during trips go from the lightest luggage, a small bag that can fit you two-week worth of clothes to our hidden-pocket jacket. We are extremely honored and excited to be on the carry-on essential list suggested by her, and more importantly, she loves our travel jacket.

You can check the video out for yourself. Then come back and order one now for your next trip. I almost forget to tell you a secret. Our jackets are not only for traveling but also great for every day carry. There are so many pockets that you do not need to carry around a purse or backpack anymore. Also, our jackets are the only travel jackets out there that do not require any special washing considerations. Shouldn't all of these be enough for you to rush to our online store and get one already? Click here to see the video!


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